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iWaterPRO™ is a data analysis software for membrane based water treatment facilities.

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Frequently asked

What is iWaterPRO?

iWaterPRO™ is a data analysis software for membrane based water treatment facilities. iWaterPRO™ takes the operator recorded data from either a manually entered system or SCADA system, normalizes it, and provides daily feedback on the status of each train at your site!

How does iWaterPRO save me money?

By letting you know when to do a cleaning, iWaterPRO™ cuts down on chemicals costs and increases membrane life by ensuring you don’t clean too much or too little. Both of which can do permanent system damage and decrease efficiency.

Can I view my trains separated by stages?

Yes! To view each stage individually, each stage can be modeled as its own train.

Who is King Lee Technologies?

Founded in 1977 by Craig Netwig, King Lee Technologies created the membrane chemistry industry. Headquartered in San Diego, CA with 5 distribution points across the U.S. and 14 across the world, the company develops and refines product lines in antiscalants, membrane cleaners and specialty products that enable clients to meet each year’s latest challenge of increasing product recoveries, eliminating acid, and using continuously more challenging feed water. As a leader in the membrane chemical industry committed to innovation, King Lee Technologies continues to support operators, OEMs, and consulting engineering firms. For more information, visit www.kingleetech.com.

How does iWaterPRO™ show comparisons between products?

iWaterPRO™ shows you data from as long ago as you have entered it, allowing you to see the difference each chemical makes as well as each membrane change. You can even establish a baseline to see how performance has changed since the facility started or when you change your membranes. This way you can base your decisions on what really works best in your system for the long term, not a short term pilot study.

How is iWaterPRO™ secure?

iWaterPRO™ encrypts all the data and stores it in the Cloud, it also uses Touch ID compatibility to ensure security.

The excel upload sheet only has two stages, but my system has three, how do I upload data when I have a three stage train?

For three stage systems, each stage can be modeled as its own system. This will allow for data for each stage to be uploaded and analyzed.

What is Reverse Osmosis Desalination (RO)?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane technology has been successfully used since 1970’s for brackish and seawater desalination, and for removal of inorganic contaminants. There are 15,988 desalination plants worldwide, with the capacity to provide more than 22.9 billion gallons a day of freshwater, to more than 300 million people who rely on desalinated water for some or all of their daily needs. The U.S. currently has over 1,300 desalination plants and is the 4th largest desalination market in the world.

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